First off All Glory Go To God None To Me! Recently I released a remake of DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince classic “Summertime. People all over the world have been enjoying this song since Monday, and I wanted to invite you to check out the lyric video for it that you can find below. Take a listen as this song takes you on a nostalgic journey down memory lane. You will relive all of your good memories of the summers of your childhood young adult, and adult life everytime you listen to this song guaranteed.


After you listen to it please share it with other people in your phone and on your social media that you feel will enjoy it. Also sub to my Youtube channel that the video is on, and click the notification bell. .

You can download the song here for a donation of your choice. Remember all proceeds go towards me continuing to make more music for you to complete the Musiccianary Mixtape that this song will be on and many many more!

Monday at 7pm PST check me out on His Hop Radio. I will be interviewed about the Musicianary Mixtape. I will also preview my next mixtape leak and single for September. Please download the His Hop Radio App in the apple or google play store it is free. If you download it you will be able to be on the show with me! You can prerecord a shoutout in the app that will be put on the show, and or you can video chat with us on the show. We would love to hear from you! I will post the link to watch the show Monday on my facebook fanpage because you can see it on facebook live.

Until next time always remember only what you do for Christ will last.The Righteous In Faith Increase Abundantly. Be Blessed!

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