Golden Asteroid worth enough to make everyone on Earth a billionaire

An Asteroid known as “16 Psyche” hovering between Mars and Jupiter is filled with so much gold and precious metal that if it were brought back to earth it would make everyone on the planet a billionaire. The gold diggers paradise measures less than 1% of the mass of our moon. The total value is estimated around $700 quintrillion. It was not stated whether that was USD currency of martian.

I don’t fancy myself an economist but in Real Estate, when you have more supply than demand the value drops. Maybe it’s not the same with gold and precious metal. We do however know that precious metal is priceless according to the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

NASA plans to launch a mission in 2022 to visit the asteroid. Bruce Willis and I have reserved seating via but have received a little resistance after asking if my pickaxe will fit into the overhead compartment.

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  1. This was much funnier than when I first heard about it. Who can resist a Lord of the Rings reference?! 😄

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