Heart Haven

On the outskirts of Nashville is a retreat that everyone needs to experience.

Welcome to Heart Haven

Heart Haven was born to grab your hand and guide you on a deep journey, bringing playful hearts, free minds, and adventures to life.

We seek to create rest, rejuvenation and inspiration for your adventure. From sunrise to sunset, and all the dreams in between on the Cumberland River & Old Hickory Lake.

We connect people to their core through thoughtfully curated experiences in the heart of Tennessee. We’re your morning sips and bites on your birthday getaway, the weekend adventurer’s exploration in the woods, the girls trip full of belly laughs and sipping champagne under the stars, your wide eyed paddle down the river seeking health and peace.

Heart Haven Offers

Paddleboarding with On Board Fit and Yoga Classes

Personal Training

Customized training with the client in mind. Tackling health from a mental, physical, and even spiritual perspective, come find your healthiest, happiest self in the waterfront studio. Physical expression and movement is at the root of health.

Nutrition Counseling

Passionate about nourishing with real ingredients to fuel your journey, we strive to customize and create the best nutritional road map for your personal path.

Cooking Class

From basic tips and tools, to more advanced techniques, come experience the freedom that comes from the experience of food. Clean cooking from start to finish is a breath of fresh air for the mind, body, and soul. Pick from the garden, grab eggs from the coop, and start to look at food in a whole new way as you nourish your body from top to bottom and walk away with lifelong skills that simplify clean cooking.

We can’t wait to bring your experience to life.

Meet Haven

Haven is a certified personal trainer, fitness coach, nutritionist, paddleboard coach, and group trainer, with specializations in kickboxing, self defense, SUP, and beach volleyball. She has worked in the health industry since 2014, and has always dreamed of creating a safe Haven for clients to embark on their journey towards health. Haven is passionate about empowering people to find the root of their own health with mental, physical, and spiritual wellness–because each of these elements is a peg in the turning wheel of what it means to be alive. She believes that physical expression, movement, and fueling the mind and body is at the root of all health.

Move. Nourish. Live. Self Love.


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