Best Pre-Squats Warm-Up Routine by Exalted Vigour

Most often when people are getting ready to squat they need to work through stiffness rather than their mobility deficiencies.

Mobility deficiencies are best addressed when you can devote a good number of sessions and time to improving your mobility of specific body parts (e.g. hamstring, glutes, hip flexors, etc.).

On the other hand, stiffness prevents you from reaching your end range of motion (ROM) and working through that stiffness using mobility drills and exercises will allow you to achieve a greater ROM than when you started and make squatting more comfortable overall.

This routine goes over warming your body up, dynamic stretch and movement/mobility drills that will prime your body for squatting and getting depth without aches, pain or stiffness.

And while having the mobility to squat effectively is extremely important I’ll address that in my next post.

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