Leaves of Three…Son of a B.

Well it’s that time of year again, Poison Ivy season. I mowed right over it thinking I’d be okay because I was wearing long pants. I even took a shower right after just to be safe. As soon as I noticed the devil’s saliva manifesting on my skin I knew I was in trouble. In the past I always assumed I could just ignore it, then when I try to sleep it keeps me up like a Christian bride on her wedding night. The absolute best cure I’ve found is to smother it.

Here is how my usual progression goes:

DAY 1:

I apply original old spice deodorant to the affected area which smothers the poison ivy then blob on Cortizone 10 really thick which takes away the itch. Put tight fabric over the area Under Armor compression works great. I take Benedryl at night and Zyrtec during the day.

Day 2:

I’m a little tired because the poison ivy kept me up but my optimism tells me the swelling and itching has been reduced….positive thoughts.

Day 3: 

Go to Vanderbilt Walk in clinic, beg for a shot, bend over and tell the nurse to show no mercy.

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