Indie Artist – Spotify or Apple Music?

Apple Music vs Spotify

As an independent musician which do you prefer, Spotify or Apple music? I’m asking because I need to know where to navigate our artists traffic.

Digital Breakdown News lists artists earnings and also tells how much each digital platform loses annually. That part is pretty fascinating. It also makes me wonder if I should be investing so much in growing an artists following (and playlists) on platforms that are only losing money. All I hear about is how the indie artists, and the Taylor Swifts of the world, don’t make money on digital streaming services. Knowing that the services are losing money makes me feel like these platforms might not be around for the long haul. The artist isn’t benefiting, the platform isn’t benefiting, therefore the 2 entities in “business” here aren’t even benefiting from THE business.

Regardless, they are here now and they are relevant. SO, without further ado:

– Which platform do you like more?

– Is one is more user and mobile friendly?

– Are you fans more active on one or the other?

– Which do you think will be around longer?

Do indie artists prefer Spotify or Apple Music?



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