How to disable Ads on WordPress

If you are using WordPress to build your website and you have opted in to use JetPack to place ads on your website or blog, you might hate the placement of the ads once they begin running. This is a quick fix that explains how to disable ads on WordPress.

I opened my website yesterday and there was one long advertisement at the top of my website above the toolbar. It looked like the heading of the website. In other words, whatever advertisement was running at the moment changed the entire narrative of my  business. All fun and games until a foot fungus or erectile dysfunction ad starts running.

After a quick Google, I could not find a fix so I opened a chat with WordPress Support which is available for everyone who opts in to WordPress Premium…100% worth it by the way.

Here is the fix:

  • Log in to your WordPress website admin.
  • Go to Settings
  • Tools
  • Marketing
  • Traffic

At the top of the Traffic page there is an “Ads” block that says : “Show ads on the first article on your home page or at the end of every page and post. Place additional ads at the top of your site and to any widget area to increase your earnings.”

Here you will see – “Enable ads and display an ad below each post” and “Display an additional ad at the top of each page.” Click the slider(s) and the ads will be disabled.

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  1. Thank you for this tutorial, it was really helpful and i was able to disable the ads showing on my website.

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