Paul Pfau New Single LO-FI Out Now!

Paul Pfau LO-FI

If you missed the world premiere of the tune that will inevitably be responsible for an increase in the baby population in 9 months, we’ve got you covered. I hope you did your neck-stretches, cause that head’s about to bob!

Paul Pfau (rhymes with “wow”), is a modern-day troubadour, a skilled and eager listener, with a gift for setting the truths of love, life and loss to music.  Formerly of Nashville, Pfau now tours the country living out of a class-A motor home, affectionately named “RV-tha Franklin” (online @_rvspect).  Pfau is an old soul, one frustrated by the limitations and pitfalls of modern day dating.

In 2016, Pfau released his “Great American Love Story” EP while attempting to navigate the Nashville singles scene.  The Great American Love Story EP is a concept album, a collection of songs with a finite beginning, middle and end.  Boy and girl meet, fall in love, drift apart, work through struggle, and build a life together.  Even though the story does have a classically happy ending, the real pain of relationship is present, unblinking in its ambiguity, and yet it turned out to be autobiographical.

Pfau did find love, the old fashioned way: introduced to his current girlfriend through a mutual friend.  This obvious exception to the rule is reflected well on his new single “Lo-Fi”, a disco-tinged, upbeat jam about spending quality time with your partner, slowing things down.  “I wrote ‘Lo-Fi’ about being good to the one you love, being good to yourself, and really connecting.  Single or not, so many of us are exhausted by technology.  This song is about taking back control, letting your hair down, chilling out, being present and in love.”

The notion of being present and loving has driven Pfau’s approach to music since his 2015 debut on the national stage on NBC’s The Voice: Season 8.  On the show, Pfau aligned with kindred spirits: Pharrell Williams, Lionel Richie, and Nate Ruess, to hone his craft and define his message.  In addition to writing and recording music, Pfau headlined a 2018 national anti-bullying tour, and has made two week-long service trips to Guatemala.

Pfau is hopeful that “Lo-Fi” will break through as a feel-good anthem and lift peoples’ spirits.  “I’ve been fortunate in my career so far to move from strength to strength, and feel very lucky and grateful for everyone who is listening”, he says.  With so much good work ahead, we have every reason to believe that Pfau will find what he is looking for.



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