The Dround Hounds of Atlanta are a band you need to be listening to!

The Dround Hounds – Don’t Let Up

A little bit South of Atlanta, right off Interstate 85 sits the neighborly village of LaGrange, GA. Disappointingly NOT named after the badass ZZ Top song. It is home to a badass homegrown rock duo dishing out bluesy garage sounds like nobody’s business. Husband and wife Ryan & Lindsay Slice, AKA the Dround Hounds, embrace the old adage “less is more” as they try to barge their way into listener’s playlists. With a mix of sultry guitar riffs (Ryan), gravelly vocals (also Ryan) and drums that rattle the soul (this is where Lindsay comes in) the Dround Hounds’ tunes draw comparisons to the Dex Romweber Duo, early Blackfoot Gypsies, the Dead Ex’s and of course the first couple of blues heavy records from the Black Keys.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 7.39.43 AMThe duo’s latest release – Don’t Let Up – is a collection of songs that thrive on the melancholy. Contentious relationships, lost love and the struggles of being a musician fill the lyrical content of the ten tracks contained within Don’t Let Up. Ryan questions a relationship on “I Can’t Lie” trying to figure out if they should try to make it work. The slow burn of his guitar and Lindsay’s drumming give an added dimension to the heartfelt lyrics. The bluesy “Tell Me How To Love” delves into what a man needs to do to make his woman happy while the meandering “Broken” offers up a dirty guitar background as Ryan calmly sings about a relationship that ain’t perfect, but it still works. The duo delivers their best work with the song “Grave”. This soulful tune dives into a place many musicians have visited at some point in their careers. Continuing to bust ass, night after night, living on the road playing to empty houses and receiving little recognition would make anyone question their decision to take on music as a career. The Dround Hounds offer up a slow-moving wave of music for the lyrics to ride on. You can feel the contempt, elation and numbness in Ryan’s voice with each word. Lucky for us they continue to make music.

Don’t Let Up is an example of how good music can be when it is left in a raw unpolished state. The Dround Hounds’ emotions seep through each note of music as they capture a sound many bands only deliver live. The ten tracks take listeners on a sonic rollercoaster full of driving guitars (“Burn Out”), soulful melodies (“Don’t Let Up”) and chunky blues (“Fight”) never once getting boring or stale. The music of the Dround Hounds will not be found on the radio or in the top charts of your local streaming service you have to go find it, like a lot of good music these days. You have to work hard to make their music a part of your daily musical allowance by scouring the internet for articles, music clips or videos Trust me this duo’s music is worth all the work. What I am trying to say is, go listen to the Dround Hounds, you can thank me later.

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