Posting as a Contributor on Virmedius

As an artist on Virmedius you have Contributor access which means you are able to publish your own content to be released to our media outlets. Here is a quick tutorial if you have never been a contributor before.

You will receive an invitation to become a Contributor from Virmedius.

Log in to your account.

If you have multiple accounts through your email address you can click “Switch Account” in the top left corner.

Choose Virmedius

Choose Add – Blog Post

Type the Title of your release

Type the body of your release. To save time I copy and pasted one of our artists releases.

Choose a picture to use as your “featured image.” This will show up as the header image and the image that shows up on social media posts.

On the Right column there is a “Categories and Tags” tab. Click and add which categories your post is relevant to and add tags. (your name, album title, song title, venue you’re playing at, etc) These tags make the post easier to find when someone searches the Tags/Keywords you type in Google.


These posts work as your press release. For instance if you have a CD, EP, Single Release, Tour Dates, new partnerships, sponsors, tv show, movie releases, anything you think should deserve some notoriety.

In other words, something more important than a twitter or instagram post about what you are eating for lunch 🙂

After you click “Submit for Review” it is sent to Virmedius to review and post.

When it is posted on Virmedius it will then funnel out to our media outlets and be reposted on our other networks.

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