Cigar and a Song

Cigar & a Song


Cigar & a Song started on Aug. 22nd, 2011.

I had recently launched my solo career & after touring with bands for YEARS, I was looking for a way to reach out to my existing friends/fans with my new material. I didn’t want to try and tour exstensively until I got a good handle on who was going to follow me in my new musical direction. So… I started filming and broadcasting what I was already doing pretty much every night… smoking cigars on my porch and writing/playing music.

I did the show EVERY MONDAY for 9 months and before I knew it… there were quite a few loyal viewers. I released an EP in 2011, & then a full length record in 2013 and used my online concert to play for the people who I was still too poor to travel to.

I’ve kept the series going and now do it one Monday a month from my porch in Nashville. It remains one of my favorite things to do and I totally credit this series with keeping me relevant and fresh while I built my fanbase and expanded my touring circuit.

Steve Everett


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