Naomi LaViolette – Saving His Music Project with Steven Goodwin

Saving His Music

Saving His Music is a collaborative project to preserve the compositions of Steven Goodwin. Steven received a bachelor’s degree in Music Composition in 1971 and has shared numerous compositions throughout his life. After Steven was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease, he became increasingly unable to perform his piano compositions, most of which are neither recorded or written down. Naomi LaViolette has met with the Goodwin family frequently to learn, recapture, and record many of his compositions.

Learning Steven’s music required Naomi’s ability to play by ear, interpret jazz harmonies, express passionate melodies, and perform the songs as if he himself were playing the piano. She describes their project as, “rewarding and life-giving for everyone involved. Steven’s music is stunningly beautiful and deserves to be preserved and publicly shared.”

The first CD, “The Nature of Love,” features 16 of Steven’s compositions. For more information (including concerts, making a donation, and the continuation of the project) click the link below to visit the project website.



4 Replies to “Naomi LaViolette – Saving His Music Project with Steven Goodwin”

  1. I’m not aware of his music yet, but I will find out. It is wonderful that she is preserving his music. I will look further at your blog.

    1. Hi SonniQ, Naomi is the sweetest!! We love her. She’s been an amazing addition to the Virmedius Family!

      1. I listened to a lot of her Music. She’s on Revebnation, as I am.I went to her YouTube and Facebook page and shared a piece on my FB music page. Sweet voice and happy attitude. Nice find for me to add.

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